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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  June 15, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon. here is what people are talking about this hour. it's this morning's breaking news. this crash of a small plane at the carroll county regional airport near westminster. we go live to alex, who is live at the scene. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. information is still sketchy at this point. this happened at apparently 10:30 this morning. it was a small single engine plane that crashed while attempting to take off from carroll county regional airport. according to a county spokesperson med vak was dispatch dis -- dispatched here. the pilot was transported by ambulance.
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the ntsb is on the scene. hopefully in the next couple of hours we'll have more information on this. one man was injured, plane apparently was pretty much destroyed and the ntsb is here. this airport is closed for now. they're hoping to have it reopened by this evening. back to you. >> thank you vchl. sky chop -- thank you very much. sky chopper 13 is over the scene. jeff long is at the controls. >> reporter: good afternoon. you can you can see this at the northbound runway. investigators on the ground look like they're going to have a lot of work to try to figure out what happened. nobody is in there touches any pieces of the aircraft. they're taking photographs. we have five different vehicles on the runway. reporting live, i'm captain jeff long. back to you. >> thank you . we will continue to follow this developing story
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and bring you more at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. we are also continuing to cover the excitement in the inner harbor that's certainly far from over. the star spangled sailabration wook week -- weekend is just beginning. this is to commemorate the bicentennial of the beginning of the war of 1812. wjz and jessica is live once again from the inner harbor. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. you know it's a big party when the big pink poodle from the american viz fair art museum shows up here. everyone enjoying this beautiful weather, walking around checking out the boats. as you said, this is really just the very beginning. >> day 2 of the star spangled sailabration kicks off with a bang. the international parade of more than 40 tall ships and naval vessels has put baltimore's inner harbor in the national spotlight. >> i think it's nice the way it
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brings everybody together like it does. >> i'm proud to see the star spangled banner flying. >> commemorates the bicentennial of the war of 1812 and the writing of the star spangle banner. it's a free fun and educational event. >> i never knew what ramparts was. it's actually the walls around the fort. >> reporter: i think what has been so impressive is just how many people are complimentary of baltimore city. those of us from here are walking around saying how beautiful the city looks. those visiting say they can't believe the sights and the sound of all the boats coming in. they are practicing over head with the navy blue angles. they say it's going to be a wonderful weekend. coming up tonight at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 we are going to talk to people about what they're learning as an educational experience. you will be surprised to hear some of the answers. back to you. >> look ing forward to that. thank you. stay with us through out the day and tonight and the
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weekend, but make a special note to join us on monday morning at 11:00 for a live star spangled sailabration special with bob along with jessica and mary. in other news this noon, maryland state police are investigating yet another wrong way interstate crash. this one happened on interstate 70 next west friendship. police say to rents mcdonald was driving in the wrong direction when he hit another vehicle head on. the driver of the other car died at the scene. criminal and traffic accident charges are now pending against mcdonald. earlier this week another another wrong crash killed both of the drivers involved. in baltimore county, out rage, questions and the search for answers in the death of a 17-year-old in a struggle with a police officer. >> sources have now identified the officer was labore. the
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death is homicide by as fixuation. >> the mother and aunt are demanding answers in his death. it happened after a fight with an off duty police officer. >> he got killed but it wasn't by a gun, it was by somebody's hands. it's an officer who should have known better. >> police say the off duty officer heard a bang at his front door, saw several people running away and chased them. he caught up with brown near by but brown ran away again, hiding in bushes refusing to come out. >> the officer reached into the bushes and pulled him out. at that point the young man engaged in a physical fight. when the young man became unconscious the officer immediately began providing cpr. >> all i'm thinking is he's wondering what is this guy going to do to me. >> i hope going down to the
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coroner's office it won't be christopher. >> neighbors say the teenager was going door to door asking for help and they say it was a nurse who lives in the community not the officer who administered cpr. >> they don't know of any weapons used or if the officer identified himself. >> there's a lot of questions that we have about this ourselves. >> we have peace about where he is now, we don't have peace about how he got there. >> we need justice, answers. >> no charges have been filed against the officer. he's on routine admin stray traffic information any time log leave -- administrative leave with pais. pay -- with pay. >> the officer has been on the force for more than 9 years. brown was a junior in high school. scombltd the man accuse -- the man accused of killing his roommate and eating his organs faces more charges. alexander kinyua has been indicted on attempted murder charges for an earlier attack on the morgan state university campus in this city. police say
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he beat joshua caesar with a baseball bat wrapped in chains and bashed wire. a suspected member of an armed robbery ring is shot while trying to escape from the police yesterday. yesterday the group moved in to arrest six men. they were all under investigation for armed robbery. four of them jumped into a car and tried to run down one of the agents who fired at the driver hitting him in the shoulder. six guns where were recovered from the scene -- were recovered from the scene. it's turning out to be a beautiful friday afternoon in our area. a live look at the inner harbor right now. the sun is shining down on dozens of ships with only a few clouds back up there in the sky. we have marty bass in the first warning weather center. >> good afternoon. if you missed this morning you'll have another chance tomorrow morning to get up at about 5:00 a.m. and see and feel what we were
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talking about. in the words of a good friend of ours, it was a grand and glorious day start. that is water clear, just doesn't get better. we maybe have passing shade clouds, but that's about it. that dome of high pressure is keeping us dry and pleasant. that 78 is a degree cooler than this time yesterday. nice weather all the way through the weekend. a change coming our way. it's going to get steammy again. when and how much so, those details coming up shortly. a major change to the u.s. immigration policy. the president announcing he will stop deporting younger illegal benefits. he will start giving work permits to immigrants that came as children. it will effect as well as 8,000
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immigrants. at a spot yesterday he hinted at this change. >> we won't depart hard working immigrants who were brought up here. we'll let them have the chance to grow our economy and start businesses here instead of someplace else. >> the president is xted expect -- expected to formally allow it later this afternoon. getting down to the wire literally. in less than eight hours nick wallenda will begin his daring high wire walk over niagra falls. he will attempt the stunt on a 2 inch cable. wallenda will be at len -- tied to a safety harness this time against his wishes. he was not wearing a harness last night over the inner harbor. if successful he will be the first person in history to make that sort of trek over the top of niagra
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falls. still to come on wjz eyewitness's news at noon. fighting the flames. firefighters continue to try to control a huge wild fire in colorado. a look at the damage done so far. >> the prosecution has rested. what's next in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. >> talk about a great day outside. this is what it looks like from sky chopper 13. your complete local forecast is still coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, good morning! wow.
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delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. d it is sunny and 77 in central maryland right now. your complete forecast is still coming up. firefighters in northern colorado are doing everything they can to protect homes threatened by a raging wild fire. it's now burned more than 50,000 acres. more e have beeninguation orders -- more evacuation orders have come in over night. firefighters are hoping weather conditions will help them get a handle on the situation. the prosecution called its last witness in the child sex abuse trial in jerry sandusky. the last of eight accusers took the stand and testified.
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sandusky's lawyers will begin calling their witnesses on monday. sandusky himself may take the stand. once again, still ahead on eyewitness news at noon, it's sailabration weekend here and the weather looks perfect for it. your complete first warning forecast is now just 2.5 minutes away. first we're going to check out today's midday stocks followed by last night's multimatch numbers.
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this is our friday noon puppy. we've been having a lot of fun with ian. >> he's a jack russell terrier. >> he's a little excitable but he's a friendly guy. he was abandoned and he really needs a home. those are a couple of hyper breeds. imagine a puppy on red bull. and monster and rock star. >> look how calmly he sits. >> great little dog. he's at the md m spca. a -- maryland spca. the spca, barks, city of baltimore trying to get 500 cats
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and kittens adopted also. also at the spca there's other dogs and puppies that need a home. our scarf is compliments of mr. basement. let's take a look at some weather here. it's beautiful. it's just a beautiful run. right now on tv hill we're looking at 78 degrees. we're forecasting a high of 80. we may see 81. it's certainly going to be pleasant. this northeast breeze is low. 69 oakland, 74 cumberland, 78 dc, 77 easton, 76 pack river. a little sea breeze on the board in ocean city. 75 west minister, 77 bel air. pleasant, you bet. all the way through
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sunday curtesy of this -- that's a real satellite photo. that's actually moving right now. that's how it is area wide. forecast today calls for a high of 80. now is -- as that high gets offshore it's going to get hot again. 58 to tonight. tomorrow pleasant and that extends on through sunday. we'll take a look at the five day forecast and aisle -- i'm going to show you when you need to find the shorts, t-shirt and a glass of iced tea. the oriels are on a five game win streak after the swept the pirates out of town. they begin a series with the braves on atlanta tonight. sunld it -- sunday it will be on wjz. see the birds playing the braves sunday afternoon at 1:30 live right here. still to come, living longer. what you can do to increase your life expectancy. that's coming up in health watch. >> wjz 13 is always on for you.
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in today's health watch, want to live longer? try vitamin d with calcium. that increased the death rate by 9% in mostly
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i was down last night with my daughter. there's such a good vibe. >> deposit traffic information any time log emergency -- positive energy. >> everywhere you look are the ships. let's not deminutish these gray hauls. they're rafted together two and three at a time. it is so cool. it's cool in its own way. it's as cool as the indy race weekend was last labor day. >> i grant you that. >> 8 2 through sunday. hotter towards the next week's end. >> how about that. >> don't miss the cbs prime time line up. at 10:00 it's
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